Sunday, March 22, 2015

Symbolism in The Muse

Seeing as The Muse will be free for a week starting on the 27th (tell your friends!), and I want to blog but can't come up with anything else, here: pointless trivia.

Once upon a time, I submitted a couple of chapters to my writing class for discussion. Hey, it was already written. Saved me the effort of writing something new. I suspect, however, that symbolism hunting is a requirement for writing teachers. Well, I suspected it then. Now I have no doubt.

There is symbolism in that book-the dog, the woods, the cave...all of those things are spoiler-y, so we won't go into what they symbolize.


About 90% of things have no symbolism whatsoever. I just put them there because I felt like it. Layne's pink hair? Hell if I know. He's always had it. Alice's last name? (It's Garden.) I was listening to a Pearl Jam song called Garden. Seriously, there's no meaning in her name. It's just a name.

But the best one? At one point, Layne writes Alice a chocolate bar. When it appears, it's got a wrapper on it, because they're outside and who wants dirt on their chocolate bar? Seriously, I put the wrapper there for practical reasons. For whatever reason, they latched onto that as having a deeper meaning. Why that, I have no clue.

Struck me speechless, it really did. I think I stammered out something about the chocolate bar maybe landing in a puddle, but...priceless.

So trust me when I say, that sometimes a candy wrapper is just a candy wrapper.

And don't forget. 5/27. Free for a week. #yougottahavepinkhair


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