Thursday, November 27, 2014


For those who celebrate, happy Thanksgiving! For those who don't, pie! And for everybody, the easiest recipe (besides PB&J) known to man.

A little background-I am a lazy chef. I like to cook, but I have zero motivation most of the time. So this...this is a dream come true. I don't know where my grandmother got the recipe, but it has served us well.

Yoghurt Pie

(all 'measurements' are approximated. we've never used as much as a measuring cup for this.)

Two tubs of Cool Whip (or something similar-NOT REAL WHIPPED CREAM. Trust me, if I thought it would be better with real cream, I'd be all over that.)

Four single-serve yoghurt cups. (whatever flavor you want!) We use Yoplait, but I think anything goes. Use regular-no whipped, custard...just the plain ol' original.

One pre-made pie crust. Or make your own. Remember when I said I was a lazy chef? Yeah, I meant it.

Mix yoghurt and one and a half tubs of Cool Whip together, pour into crust, smooth top. Cover with plastic wrap and chill until firm (we make it the night before, usually), 'frost' with remaining Cool Whip and prepare to lie about how you slaved over this all day.

Monday, November 10, 2014



Yeah, I know it's Monday. Trust me, I know what Monday feels like. Slow and sucky and just...blah. But if we had Monday off, Tuesday would get the blame. There's just no escape.

No, the Friday of the title is a person.

I'm about ninety-five percent sure I'm going to go with the mystery novel for next year, so you guys need to meet somebody.

This is Friday Jones. (That really is her name, I swear. She's never forgiven me, but I couldn't resist making the terrible pun on 'Girl Friday'.) She is a private detective's secretary-you know, the type that types up the case notes with a healthy side of snark and calls the police in time to save our hero from getting thrown out of his office window? Yeah. One of those. She has yet to call the police in a timely manner, but that's okay. It's not her fault her boss tends to get into trouble outside of the office, and nowhere near a pay phone.

I have to feel sorry for her, really. It's bad enough that she has to clean out the filing cabinet every few weeks. And now with this whole 'kidnapping' thing...and that stalker...well. I wouldn't blame her if she quit. She won't, but I wouldn't blame her.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Give me free stuff or give me...well, never mind

Guess what? The Muse will be free from November 15th to November 19th! Isn't that awesome?

On a side note, apparently spiders can teleport. I was sitting outside, minding my own business, when a mosquito landed in the web near my elbow. One minute the spider was a safe distance away, and the next it was...there. Did it spring? Do they have little cheetahesque bursts of speed? I don't know, but it gave me a bit of a shock. I think I'll move my chair away from the webs...


Friday, November 7, 2014


Well, there's an eye-catching title.

If anybody here lives in Tucson, and if you're free on November 15th, you should totally come to Slutwalk. Do not ask me for directions. Seriously, you know those people that go, 'um, um, turn left at the, keep going, more, more...RIGHT THERE TURN THERE'?

Yeah. That's me. I'm bad with street names, worse with addresses, and forget about asking 'is it North or is it South?' But that's neither here nor there. You can find the location of Slutwalk on Facebook.

I know, I know. 'Why should I go? What kind of name is THAT?'

Slutwalk is a protest...movement...thingy...regarding rape culture and victim-blaming. You know, the people who ask, 'well, were you wearing a mini-skirt? yes? then you wanted it.' Some people just want to wear their mini-skirt and not be assaulted. For that matter, that logic really makes no sense: people have been attacked while wearing the frumpiest clothing imaginable.

Sorry. Off-topic again. :)

So. Go! Dig out your tacky Halloween costumes and come with us! (And men, that means you. There's a fabulous picture on Google of a guy at one of these things...wearing a ginormous pair of fake boobs. It. Is. Hilarious.)

(Wow, there's a lot of parenthesis in here...anyway, tacky costumes not required. But what's the fun in only wearing them once a year?)


Saturday, November 1, 2014


Happy belated Halloween. Was it fun? We just stayed home with the lights off. Don't give me that look, we forgot to get candy and then we were too lazy to go and get some.

Wow. It's November. So soon? Where did the year go? And, seeing as it's November, are any of my fellow writers doing NaNoWriMo? I'm not, personally. I'm already sentenced to death by homework. :( Ah, those of you who are doing it, good luck.

Anyway, it's about time to start picking what'll be out next year. I'm debating: mystery, or ghost story? Any preferences? Seriously, share them. Who knows? You might sway me...

Signing off,