Thursday, November 27, 2014


For those who celebrate, happy Thanksgiving! For those who don't, pie! And for everybody, the easiest recipe (besides PB&J) known to man.

A little background-I am a lazy chef. I like to cook, but I have zero motivation most of the time. So this...this is a dream come true. I don't know where my grandmother got the recipe, but it has served us well.

Yoghurt Pie

(all 'measurements' are approximated. we've never used as much as a measuring cup for this.)

Two tubs of Cool Whip (or something similar-NOT REAL WHIPPED CREAM. Trust me, if I thought it would be better with real cream, I'd be all over that.)

Four single-serve yoghurt cups. (whatever flavor you want!) We use Yoplait, but I think anything goes. Use regular-no whipped, custard...just the plain ol' original.

One pre-made pie crust. Or make your own. Remember when I said I was a lazy chef? Yeah, I meant it.

Mix yoghurt and one and a half tubs of Cool Whip together, pour into crust, smooth top. Cover with plastic wrap and chill until firm (we make it the night before, usually), 'frost' with remaining Cool Whip and prepare to lie about how you slaved over this all day.

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