Thursday, June 20, 2013


I don't always have a soundtrack for my books, but when I do...
Never mind.
Anyways, The Maze has a soundtrack! I don't do it for everything-although Color Blind had a really big, grunge-based one-but every so often, a book comes with its own soundtrack.
I tend to add to it as I go along, but seeing as the book is almost done, so is the soundtrack. Just for grins (and because I'm really, really bad at coming up with things to blog about), I'm going to put it up.

Ivy: Worry About You
Screaming Trees: Black Rose Way
Doves: Kingdom of Rust
The Doors: Riders on the Storm
Counting Crows: Ghost Train
Charlotte Gainsbourg: The Songs That We Sing
Lupe Fiasco: Superstar
The Sunset Limited: Time

I'm pretty sure the Ivy song is supposed to be nice and soothing, but I heard on Kingdom Hospital and I find it a little creepy. Anyways...