Monday, September 26, 2016

The Muse is not Amused

He's actually kind of mad at me. :/ My thinking was that since The Muse isn't really spooky or any way Halloween-y, I'd get that promo out of the way early. Layne would like me to point out that the whole thing was very traumatizing and horrible for him-

I was chased by a DOG, Lalla. A determined monster-dog that chased me over hill and over dale and into a CAVE. In what way is that not 'spooky'? Huh? Well?

Yeah, he's actually kind of bitchy about it. He'll live.

You can make him feel better though, by going to download your free copy of The Muse any time between now and Sebtember 30th. And maybe leaving a review.

A CAVE! IT WAS DARK! I'm so glad you were removed from the situation, but I WASN'T, and it was AWFUL.

Please. He'll never shut up otherwise.

I didn't get no sleep 'cuz of you, you're gonna get no sleep 'cuz of me!

Yeah. That's my life now. It sucks. Pity me.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

The promos are coming

Really, they are-see? The Maze is really short because when I set it up, my internet cut out when I went back to edit it (they're doing construction here, I think that's why) and it didn't take and ran a few days of promo without my knowledge. Sorry. :/ It'll have a special promo another day to make up for it.

The Muse-Sept. 26-30

One Sunny Afternoon-Oct. 2-6

The Maze-Oct. 8-9

The House on the Moor-Oct. 14-18

November Hotel-Oct. 20-24



Thursday, September 15, 2016

Curse of the Feather Bed, that is not a cheap-yet-entertaining 60s ghost story or an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. That is my life right now. KILL ME.

Yeah, I had to house-sit for a few days. It was nice. Quiet. Y'know, a little bit boring. BUT (first world problems ahoy) my bed was a feather bed. Which sounds, in theory, to be quite nice.

Yeah. In theory, it is. In reality, I have a knee that my dog did something to (he rammed it at high speed, it didn't really...recover that well), and that kind of no-support bed...makes it sad.

So now I am at home, knee aching, thinking that I have never felt so sorry for Gotham's Oswald Cobblepot in my LIFE. Seriously. I know he's fairly psychotic and is responsible for an amazing amount of deaths, but GEEZE. I'm getting all caught up for season three and I'm just going, 'do you have painkillers? can you sit down? DON'T BUY A SQUISHY BED, YOU'LL REGRET IT!' and generally feeling really, really bad for him.

Which is why I wouldn't last five minutes in Gotham anyway. I can just see myself meeting the Scarecrow: 'are you eating anything? you can't live on coffee and screams, y'know!'