Monday, November 10, 2014



Yeah, I know it's Monday. Trust me, I know what Monday feels like. Slow and sucky and just...blah. But if we had Monday off, Tuesday would get the blame. There's just no escape.

No, the Friday of the title is a person.

I'm about ninety-five percent sure I'm going to go with the mystery novel for next year, so you guys need to meet somebody.

This is Friday Jones. (That really is her name, I swear. She's never forgiven me, but I couldn't resist making the terrible pun on 'Girl Friday'.) She is a private detective's secretary-you know, the type that types up the case notes with a healthy side of snark and calls the police in time to save our hero from getting thrown out of his office window? Yeah. One of those. She has yet to call the police in a timely manner, but that's okay. It's not her fault her boss tends to get into trouble outside of the office, and nowhere near a pay phone.

I have to feel sorry for her, really. It's bad enough that she has to clean out the filing cabinet every few weeks. And now with this whole 'kidnapping' thing...and that stalker...well. I wouldn't blame her if she quit. She won't, but I wouldn't blame her.


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