Friday, November 7, 2014


Well, there's an eye-catching title.

If anybody here lives in Tucson, and if you're free on November 15th, you should totally come to Slutwalk. Do not ask me for directions. Seriously, you know those people that go, 'um, um, turn left at the, keep going, more, more...RIGHT THERE TURN THERE'?

Yeah. That's me. I'm bad with street names, worse with addresses, and forget about asking 'is it North or is it South?' But that's neither here nor there. You can find the location of Slutwalk on Facebook.

I know, I know. 'Why should I go? What kind of name is THAT?'

Slutwalk is a protest...movement...thingy...regarding rape culture and victim-blaming. You know, the people who ask, 'well, were you wearing a mini-skirt? yes? then you wanted it.' Some people just want to wear their mini-skirt and not be assaulted. For that matter, that logic really makes no sense: people have been attacked while wearing the frumpiest clothing imaginable.

Sorry. Off-topic again. :)

So. Go! Dig out your tacky Halloween costumes and come with us! (And men, that means you. There's a fabulous picture on Google of a guy at one of these things...wearing a ginormous pair of fake boobs. It. Is. Hilarious.)

(Wow, there's a lot of parenthesis in here...anyway, tacky costumes not required. But what's the fun in only wearing them once a year?)


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