Saturday, March 28, 2015


Oh, my god. This has to be the most blog posts in a row from me.

That's actually kind of sad. Or not. Is it? I don't know.


Color Blind will begin its move to on April 5th. It will not be removed from Smashwords until I am finished moving it, which will take time, but yeah. Just keep that in mind.

Other Wattpad news! In honor of Alice Garden's birthday-April 20th, Layne often mocks her for having a birthday on 4/20 (such a child)-a short story will be going up over there. I have a draft of a ghost story there, too, so you go should go and check that out. I mean, free reading material.

So yeah, come over, look me up. I think I might put the Raven Family Tree up there, too-yeah, I haven't forgotten them. Their troubles are far from over. Max and Marie are back at home, but you know, there's been the strangest goings-on. Something about phantom singing? Maybe old Max is as crazy as they say...


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