Friday, March 27, 2015

More Free!

I make it rain!

Not really. I just hand out free e-books and multiple blog posts per day. Starting on April 5th, The House on the Moor will begin a free period. Now that Layne's got one, they all want one, apparently. And since Nathan's a bit...scarier...than Layne, I sure as hell am not about to tell him no. You understand, I'm sure. So yeah. April 5th. Free gothic novel. Tell your friends.

On that note, HUGE THANK YOU to the blog 'Gothic Romance Reviews' (found here: for mentioning The House on the Moor back in November. Would've thanked you sooner, but I had no idea. :*) I'm touched. And by 'touched' I mean 'I started bugging all my friends and family with the news for the next several hours'. Good place to look, by the way, if that's your genre. Good taste over there.

Yeah. Free book. Soon. And don't forget to pick up The Muse while it's still free, maybe leave some love for Layne. Who knows, maybe I'll let him do a blog entry sometime soon, he'd be all about that.


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