Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wesley Graves

Wesley-or Wes, if you'd rather-is the protagonist of the upcoming November Hotel.

I've been chipping away at the idea since early 2013-finally powered through and finished the first draft around midnight on Halloween of that year. (Strange, the things that stick in your memory.) It hasn't changed so very much, really, which is a little odd for me-usually somewhere in the second draft I'll go 'OH! this big thing needs to happen!' but not this time. It just got a touch more creepy, that's all.

I think, out of all my characters, Wes is probably the most like me. He's quiet, he could do without crowds, his default 'unexpected social reaction' response is to turn into a stuttering, awkward mess. He's a sensitive soul, really-very non-confrontational.

I didn't intend for that. I never really intend for anything, you know. The characters give me very little choice. Anyone wanting to be a writer and thinking that 'I can play God!'...you can't. You really can't. Prepare to sacrifice your sleep at the very least.

I think, out of all my characters, that I probably love him the most. Partly because of our commonalities, it's true, but partly because he's equal parts brave and a craven coward. Climbing elevator cables? Fine. Murderous ghosts? Bring it on. Talk to the girl he's had a crush on (even if he won't admit it) for years? Nope. Stars. Can't do it. Not today.

He's precious.

And I'm not very nice to him. Poor Wes.


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