Sunday, July 31, 2016

November Hotel's Playlist

November Hotel has a sort-of playlist. It's short. It's like an EP. Do they still have EPs? IS MY AGE SHOWING?

If my age is indeed showing, it's in your best interests to keep your mouths shut. Hint, hint.

Here! Take this author-created playlist/EP/whatever for your listening enjoyment!

1) Worry About You, Ivy

I've mentioned this before. Worry About You is vaguely creepy and yet really pretty and I like it.

2) When Under Ether, PJ Harvey

Some of you might recognize this from the second season of Peaky Blinders (which you should be watching, by the way), when Tommy is on the boat after...checking out...of the hospital. Again, it's actually kind of creepy. Sounds like it's about some sort of old-school surgery-you know, the type that often goes wrong.

3) Lightness, Death Cab For Cutie

If Wes and Maggie have a 'together theme', it's this. I don't know why, it just came on and I was like, 'my precious cinnamon buns, this is for you'.

4) Title and Registration, Death Cab For Cutie

Another one? Weird. But again, it came on and fit nicely and here we are.

5) 1901, Phoenix

If Thomas were to have a theme, it's this. It's so...happy. There's joy. And Thomas is my precious baby and I want him to be happy. (Who am I kidding...all my characters are my precious babies. But Thomas is special because I don't wish misery on him.)

6) Undercover Martyn, Two Door Cinema Club

I just like it, and it came on during editing one day and sort of got associated with it by accident.

Wow, it started out creepy and got progressively happier! Cool. Accidental, but cool.


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