Saturday, July 2, 2016


I know. I've been...y'know what? I have been dead. Yes. I pulled a Winchester and returned from the dead.

What? It's not like you can prove anything.

This is basically a little newsletter, because it's that time of year again!

Important things first: as always, August 22nd. New book. A nice ghost story for the fall-November Hotel. You can get a sample over on Wattpad-it's at the link below.

So that'll be exciting! I like ghost stories, m'self. I like scary stories period, but there's something classic about a ghost story. This one has a running theme song-Ivy's Worry About You. I like that song. I find it vaguely creepy, but that's probably because I first heard it as the theme song for Kingdom Hospital-which, by the way, has a surprisingly pretty opening. It wasn't bad-shame it got screwed over.

Other exciting things: because of the new book, everybody gets a promo. Free book bonanza! Here's the schedule, but I'll remind you guys the day of.

July 10th-14th: One Sunny Afternoon

July 16th-20th: The Muse

July 22nd-26th: The Maze

July 28th-August 1st: The House on the Moor

Set your calendars, ladies and gentlemen! It's coming.


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