Saturday, October 8, 2016

Two-Day Special

Due to user error brought about by internet failure (I think the construction near my house is at fault for that), The Maze has a limited run. But that's all right, because now we're getting into the more seasonal reads. I dunno about you guys, but I like a good gothic novel around this time of year. It's not cold, really, here, so I have to put in effort to remember that hey, it's October, not August. Marie's lucky. Raven Manor actually does have seasons. Granted, they're usually cloudy, but...

I don't really miss the sun anymore. I thought I would, but I got used to the rain.

Oh, Marie. You started as such a sweet, innocent ray of sunshine.

I guess...

You did! You were so precious... *sniffs* I'm sorry for everything that happened.

Ehh, not really, but I do feel obligated to apologize.

Anyway. Two-day special-The Maze is free today and tomorrow ONLY. Act fast!


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