Wednesday, June 4, 2014


So some poor guy has been found in the Phoenix area, dead from heatstroke.

I'm sorry.

Look, guys. Anyone that doesn't live in Arizona and is planning to come visit, listen good. We have four or five deaths every year-tourists, usually, that didn't realize how hot it can get here. Let me tell you something right now, it gets Damn Hot. You know what it was in Tucson today? 107 degrees.


Phoenix is usually a bit hotter.

So please, take my advice. Please. If you come down here, drink plenty of water. Don't hang out in the sun for too long. You can die very quickly from the heat. I see you rolling your eyes-they always do. Just listen to me, guys. I live here. I know. (Anyone else who lives here can back me up.)

Take precautions. Be careful. Shorts and a t-shirt and one little water bottle are not enough.

That was...depressing. The next update will be back to normal, I promise.


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