Saturday, July 27, 2013


I could put a Sherlock reference in with a title like that, but I'll restrain myself.

Humans, as a rule, love to prove each other wrong. I don't know why we do it, but there you go. So, as a human, I am about to tell you that you are all WRONG! Well, most of you, anyway. Probably all of you.

Be honest. You think the Raven family's last name is pronounced like the bird. 'Ray-ven'. I can see why. It's spelled like the bird. It would make sense for it to be pronounced the same way. But it's not.

No, the little voice in my head wanted it to be pronounced all weird. So it's actually pronounced 'Rah-ven'. Like 'ha'. I don't know why. It just happened. Life's weird like that.

Oh, you're probably pronouncing my last name wrong, too. It's not 'sque-hee-la' or 'squig-lee-a' or anything like that. It's a little lame, actually. 'Squeg-lee-a'. Really, just like it looks. But everybody always just looks at it and does this little flailing thing. That's how I know they've come to my name on the list, when they do the little flail. Anybody else have that problem?

-Lalla (which, by the way, is 'la-la'. Like that creepy yellow Teletubby.)

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