Friday, July 26, 2013


I would like to take this posting to correct something. Dogs do indeed eat homework. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Don't believe me? I have the story to back it up.

Once upon a time, I had a puppy. A cute, sharp-toothed little puppy that had a fondness for all things paper. And that puppy ate my homework.

That's actually not quite true. He shredded my homework. It's not inconceivable that some pieces would have been ingested, though.

Said homework blew off the table without my noticing and he found it first. By the time I got there, all that remained were small chunks of lined paper with bits of Spanish on them.

Never mind the fact that no one believed me. Never mind the fact that everyone insists that 'dogs don't eat homework!' They are lying.

On another note, editing on The Maze is now completed. Now it's just going to sit on my flash drive until it's time to be published. Whee.


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