Friday, July 19, 2013


I love nightmares. Weird, huh?

I'm not talking about the personal ones. You know, the 'giant daddy long-legs fell into my hair' types. I hate those as much as the next person. They're horrible and you wake up all itchy and paranoid. Daddy long-legs need to stay on the ceiling, not hang out in my hair.

I'm talking about the ones that play out like an unmade horror film. The ones that have a soundtrack and camera angles and stuff. I dream in movies a lot. Once I dreamt of a James Bond/Batman Begins crossover...but that's a story for another time.

The other night I had a really good one involving some dude, an evil trunk, and a possibly haunted house. There were some more details-something about a fishpond murder-but I'll keep those to myself. I wrote it down and it's turning into a short story. It might grow longer. I hope it does. They have a habit of doing that.


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