Saturday, May 2, 2015

Words Can Never Hurt Me

That phrase up there? I would like to call BS on that. And I have proof to back it up! I have a whole list of books that broke my heart at one time or another. Some of them remedied the problem (that's right, back away from the character!) but some of them...didn't. *sobs*

1) Sherlock Holmes. I know, I know. He faked his death for three years. I was eleven, and my book didn't have anything past 'The Final Problem'. I didn't know. Heart=broken until, funnily enough, about three years later.

2) Inkspell. Dammit. God dammit. You monster. And yes, I did read Inkdeath. That doesn't change the fact that I got that book for Christmas, and it ruined my winter vacation.

3) Ptolemy's Gate. I take back everything I said during the last book. That ending is not acceptable. I will remain in denial until you write a better one. How could you do this to me?

4) The Sweet Far Thing. Okay, this one more made me mad than heartbroken, but still. Although, my mother took it very badly-she will not speak of it without extreme disdain, IF she has to speak of it at all.

5) The Deathly Hallows. You all know what happened here, I'm sure. Words need not be written.


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