Sunday, May 3, 2015

There Are No Stupid Questions...

Oh, but there are.

I understand we say this so as not to discourage students from asking questions, and that's good. (Unless you're asking if the prof is giving you homework, in which case you deserve what's coming to you.) Tragically, though, there are stupid questions. Many.

Want proof? I've got proof!

I have carpal tunnel syndrome. Every so often my wrists will hurt and I have to wear these uncomfortable, ugly braces. On the bright side, it gets me out of things. 'Could you carry this big heavy thing?' 'Oh...sure...just rest it on my braces.' 'Oh, I'm sorry! I'll get it, get out of the way.' And when I worked retail, it guilted customers into being nice to me. Apparently yelling at a sixteen year-old is acceptable unless they've got an obvious injury. (Seriously, be nice. We're tired, and we didn't make up that rule about no drinks allowed.)

Anyway. Braces. Usually nobody says anything, because they're kind of common and it's nobody's business. But sometimes I will be asked the following: 'Do those help?'

No, actually, I'm wearing these uncomfortable, clothes-snagging, movement-restricting things as a fashion statement.

True story, man. I don't know where that comes from. Is it a need to say something? Did they mean to say something else, and the words got jumbled on the way? I think it's funny-a little sad, but funny.
 Maybe that makes me a terrible person. Worth it.


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