Saturday, December 27, 2014


Remember how, so long ago, I said that some of my stuff has playlists? Friday's lucky. She has a playlist. It's about 90% Ivy and 10%...other stuff. Not bad.

1) 'Nice Day'-Persephone's Bees

2) '15 Seconds'-Ivy

3) 'Decay'-Ivy

4) 'Four in the Morning'-Ivy

5) 'Lost in the Sun'-Ivy

6) 'Hideaway'-Ivy

7) 'Faithful'-Pearl Jam

8) 'Can't Keep'-Pearl Jam

9) 'Kite'-Ivy

10) 'Let's Go to Bed'-Ivy

Yeah, make that about...95% Ivy, 4% Pearl Jam, 1% other. This is probably the happiest playlist I have, now that I think about it. Anyways, I posted this before New Year's, so...yeah. I'm proud of myself. :p


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