Friday, December 26, 2014


Ladies and gentlemen, I have made a Wattpad account. Right now, it's not particularly exciting-just the first two chapters of each of my published books. BUT, as time goes by, I will be putting up short stories and other fun things expanding on the worlds of those books, so you guys should go check it out! It's free, but you don't have to make an account to read the stuff there. It's here:

But life is not all rainbows and sunshine, I'm afraid. Sometime in the coming months-I don't have an exact day, but I'll let you know the second I do-Color Blind will be removed from I'll put it up on Amazon, don't worry, but it will be completely and utterly gone from Smashwords. Long story. So yeah, anyone that wants a free copy of that should start thinking about it.

I'll try to blog again before New Year's-Friday's got a playlist, maybe I'll put that-but if I don't, happy New Year's, everybody! It just isn't the same without Dick Clark, though...


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