Saturday, November 5, 2016

Christmas Disaster

Normally I keep my little sewing projects to myself, but this guy is too cute. The internet needs to look at him and pity him. (And by extension, me, for reasons I will get to in a second.)

I have dubbed this just-so-done little robot as 'Christmas Disaster'. The lights wrapped on him are actually one of those gloriously tacky Christmas Light Necklaces-they light up. They flash. He wants this all to be over.

He is me. My family consists of Christmas Light Freaks, as I've mentioned before. Our house is That House. You know the one.

I'm short. So what tends to happen is that I try to be helpful, and pull out a big strand o' lights that's longer than me, and there's been times that I end up like the little robot up there: trapped, helpless, and just so done.

Yeah. Pity him. And pity me, because I think in another week or so it's going to be time to dig out those lights.


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