Monday, August 22, 2016

Won't you check in?

Or rather, don't-the November's got some nasty...long-term...guests.

Here we are again. I like this one. It's got some scares in it, I hope. There were a couple of scenes that I wrote a little late at night. When I write later, I turn off the light because one of the dogs (sweet thing, but dumb as a brick-once thought the TV was a window) gets convinced something's wrong and bothers other people if my light goes on really late at night. Whatever. No one's kidnapping me from my bed, I guess.

ANYWAYS, there were a couple of scenes that I wrote, and about halfway though went, 'screw the dog, I have to turn on the light'. Hopefully you, too, will be struck with the need to turn on an extra light.

Here it is, at long last, my go at a  Good Old-Fashioned Ghost StoryTM.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the November Hotel.


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