Saturday, December 5, 2015

Merry Grinchmas

Maybe it's because I have noisy neighbors too, but I always felt kinda bad for the Grinch.

Really. Make no mistake, my house looks like the house in Christmas Vacation. It flashes. You can see it from the end of the street. (Yeah, we're those people. Don't kill me.) BUT it's quiet. We turn it off at ten or so. And did I mention it's quiet?

The Grinch doesn't have me as a neighbor. He has neighbors who make such a racket that he gets a headache from the noise...10,000 feet up. Every year. For 53 years. And who's to say the Whos don't take any excuse for a party, y'know? What are they like on Who Independence Day? Or birthdays? Maybe Christmas is just the easy target, and they're noisy neighbors year-round.

My neighbors are noisy. Not so much now, but for a while they were having drunken sing-alongs in the front yard at like, midnight. On a weeknight. (I wouldn't have minded a Grinch-ly visitor to take their booze! :p)

So I get it. I so get it. Okay, so it might have been an overreaction to steal people's presents and food and stuff, but...even the most tolerant neighbor is going to snap if y'all insist on being so freaking loud. Shut up, for heaven's sake!

(And the Grinch has sewing skills, people. No pattern+red curtain+2 seconds of snip-snip=perfect Santa suit. I'm impressed.)


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