Wednesday, September 30, 2015

So It Begins

It is becoming a hardship to find titles expressing that there are free books. Anyone with ideas?

(On that note, that scene made me wanna just grab him and be like, 'you can have him back when you learn to be nice.' :p)

No matter. The month of free books has begun.

Yes, I know it is still one more day until October. There is Christmas stuff in the stores already, starting October a day early is not the worst thing.

Christmas stuff? Seriously? I can't say anything, because my house looks like Griswold's house starting around Thanksgiving, but...come on. It's ages to Halloween, it's not quite time for Santa to show up. Unless it's Jack Skellington in a Santa costume, but that does not count.

Anyways. One Sunny Afternoon is now free, so grab a copy while you can-it's back to $0.99 on Sunday, October 4th. It's here:

See you soon-The Muse is free next time!


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