Monday, January 6, 2014

#@%&!*$ Waluigi!

Okay, so maybe I sort of hate Waluigi. He looks annoying, he sounds annoying...and he's a terrible cheating bastard (pardon my typing).

Those of you that aren't Nintendo people have no idea how much rage it can inspire. Especially MarioKart. And my nemesis, Waluigi. Wait. Not nemesis. Archenemy. Sounds cooler. (Take that, John Watson! People really do have archenemies in 'real life!' Sort of...)

Imagine, if you will, driving along, having your three red shells all lined up to knock him off the side of Rainbow Road. You hit bananas twice, but the last one SMACKS him in the back and sends him, wailing, off the edge. The finish line is in sight! You're there! Aannd...

Waluigi appears out of NOWHERE and steals first.

Cue the rage quit.

I have no clue how he does it. All I know is that it's hugely unfair and leaves me blinking at the television, wondering what happened.

Yeah. I loathe Waluigi. Whenever I'm playing my game, I always pray I don't have him as an opponent. Or a teammate, for that matter. He sucks when he's on my team, but he's brilliant when he's playing for the computer.

Little monster. May camels spit in his eye and a seagull steal his ice cream cone.


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